How Best to Bet on Asian Handicap

Asian Handicaps are one of the most common and beloved ways of evening the playing field between favourites and underdogs. If not for them, it’s likely everyone would always just bet on the favourite, and sports betting would be a lot less interesting.

So how do they work, exactly? And how to best use Asian Handicaps? Keep reading this short betting guide to find out all you need to know about Asian Handicaps.

Asian Handicaps: The Basics

You probably already know most of this, so we won’t waste too much time explaining the basics. Essentially, in football betting, Asian handicaps put the stronger team at a disadvantage by requiring them to score more goals than the underdog. Basically, it works as if the underdog had points on the scoreboard before the game even starts. This difference can be one or more goals, but can also be less than one – like ½, ¼ and so forth.

Importantly, it simplifies odds calculations by removing the possibility of a draw in traditional 1X2 betting. This leaves you with a 50% shot at either outcome – before taking into account all the other factors that go into calculating odds.

Asian Handicap Basic Strategies

Let’s start with some basic betting strategies experienced punters use with Asian Handicaps.

  • Sometimes, it might be worth it to add a +0 handicap to a relatively evenly-matched game. This only serves to remove the possibility of a draw – if one occurs, you will just be refunded. It does shorten your odds but gives you some extra safety.
  • Placing Asian Handicaps on live betting. In-play bets are another great way of backing what was initially a fairly one-sided affair. Betting theory tells us that low-risk bets are a more reliable way of making long-term profits – but if you pay attention, great value bets can be found with live betting. If you notice a match is going well for the underdog, betting on them mid-game is still a risky move. The strong start might have been a fluke. However, an Asian Handicap bet in such a case gives you a lot of breathing room.
  • Alternatively, if the underdog has a strong start, you can place an in-play bet on the favourite at a -1 handicap. Quite often, the initial advantage peters out as the game progresses due to the better team being, well, better. The automatic odds adjustment for live betting will still give you amazing odds, even if you’re betting on what was initially a clear favourite.

Asian Handicap Betting Tips

Now, let’s go on to some general betting tips and advice concerning Asian Handicaps.

  • Knowledge of the teams is essential for this type of betting at the end of the day. Specifically, their current form. Consider outside factors like key players missing on the favourite’s side to drive up your chances of winning against the odds.
  • The true value of Asian handicap live betting comes in during the second half. Bide your time and wait for opportunities to pop up.
  • Consider both sides of the coin for Asian Handicaps. Sometimes it’s worth it to back the favourite at a -1 disadvantage. Other times, go for the underdog at, say, +1.75.
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