How Does Half Time/Full Time Betting Work?

Half Time/Full Time, or HT/FT for short, is one of the most popular markets when it comes to football betting, and almost all online bookmakers offer it. It may seem a bit complicated to a beginner because it has quite a few angles to consider, but it can offer great value bets if you know what to look for.

What Is Half Time/Full Time betting?

Essentially, this type of bet takes two other common types – Half Time result and Full Time result – and combines them into a single bet. What you’re trying to do here is predict which of the two teams will have the lead at the half-time mark of a given game, as well as which team will ultimately win.

There are a couple of other things to take note of. First of all, betting that the result will be a draw is a viable option for both parts. Secondly, HT/FT bets only take into account the standard time of a match. In the case of football, that’s 45 minutes for the first half, and 90 minutes for the full game. Injury time and penalty shootouts do not affect this market.

In order for an HT/FT bet to win, you need to get both of these parts right.

How To Place an HT/FT Bet

Both of HT/FT’s constituents have three options: Team A Lead/Win, Team B Lead/Win, and Draw. That means that there are nine possible outcomes you can wager on. This is why this is not an easy market to predict.

Beyond that, we’d like to note that this market is a popular option for live betting. This is because you can get incredible returns if you keep close tabs on how the action is developing on the field, and things happen to turn around mid-game.

Half Time/Full Time Betting Tips and Strategies

The key factor for this particular market is which team is the favourite, and which is the underdog. You need to carefully consult statistics in order to make an educated prediction. Most importantly, pay attention to a team’s Half Time Result stat, as well as their overall win rate. This should give you a clearer picture of how the match is going to go.

The safest and most popular approach to HT/FT is to bet that the favourite will have a lead on half time, and eventually win the game. Betting theory supports the notion that safe bets with short odds are the best betting offers if you want to profit with online betting, and experienced punters agree. Consider this fact: teams that have a lead during half-time go on to win the match in more than 81% of cases.

Betting on the favourite is bound to have short odds, but predicting that they will also have an early lead greatly improves your potential winnings. That’s why HT/FT is such a popular market with online punters.

On the other hand, teams losing at the 45-minute mark only manage to re-take the lead and win in around 5% of games. Thus, betting on matches being turned around is rarely a good idea. However, you can always bet on more than one possible outcome to give your betting tip better chances.

Alternatively, if you’re sure that a game will end with a null score, HT/FT is basically a free odds boost: the score will be 0 – 0 throughout the whole game. This is another risky, but reasonable betting strategy.

Well, those are the basics of Half Time/Full Time betting. We hope you found this betting advice useful.

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