What is Double Chance Betting?

Double Chance is one of the simpler markets to wrap your head around, but much harder to master.

To start it off, think of the classic 1X2 bet. Traditionally, you’re betting that one of the teams will win, or that the game will end in a draw. What Double Chance essentially does is take two out of these three options, and wins if either of them is confirmed. This leaves you with three possible choices:

  1. Home Win & Draw
  2. Home Win & Away Win
  3. Away Win & Draw

The second option, as good as it might sound, does not offer worthwhile odds with online bookmakers. This means that you’re just extending your bet’s win condition to include a draw.

Double Chance Betting Advantages

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way: double chance is a less risky variant to 1X2 that, in turn, comes with shorter odds. Statistically speaking, however, the betting theory seems to largely favour these kinds of tradeoffs. Small wins are a much more reliable way of earning money with online betting when compared to high-risk, long-odds bets.

Before all the odds for the specific match are taken into account, Double Chance boosts your baseline chances of winning from 33% to 66%. Of course, this doesn’t translate in practice because draws don’t happen as often as that. Still, this should give you a picture of why you should bet on Double Chance.

What punters also like about Double Chance is that it offers the option of (wisely) betting on the underdog for once. Due to the advantages of safe bets we mentioned earlier, backing underdogs rarely pays off. A Double Chance bet on the underdog and a draw, however, nudges your chances in the right direction.

Double Chance Betting Strategy

The most common betting strategy for Double Chance is the one we just pointed out – going for the underdog and draw combination. Think of it this way: major upsets rarely happen in football betting. The favourite is not favoured for no reason. However, quite often, due to any number of outside factors, the weaker team can manage to scrape up a draw. Even if they were projected to lose.

These kinds of matches are where Double Chance truly shines. An ideal scenario would be a match in which the stronger team is defensive, lacking key players or motivation, or simply has problems handling the underdog’s strategy. Try to look for any of these conditions when deciding which matches to bet on Double Chance.

Additionally, such Double Chance bets have great synergy with Asian Handicaps. Both of these betting types are useful for betting on the team less likely to win. Combining them is a common practice among punters, and often a smart betting strategy.

Alternatively, you can bet on the favourite & draw and leave some breathing room in case they don’t perform for the game in question. This has predictably horrible odds and is rarely worth it on its own when compared to a simple 1X2. However, consider using this option for accumulators, because the safety of such an option works well to counteract an Acca’s inherently risky nature.

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